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After the Passion period, Collegium Vocale Gent wants to share more music with you, for free and online, in particular the music of J.S. Bach.


A Christian Labhart film
With music by Collegium Vocale Gent conducted by Philippe Herreweghe

Enjoy it. In Corona times we like to bring the music closerto you.

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In the 1970s, filmmaker Christian Labhart was still demonstrating against nuclear energy in a self-knitted sweater. Today he, now married and father, looks back on the activism of that time. An impressive musical essay on the loss of connectedness and idealism.

Almost 50 years ago, many young people around the world believed that their engagement and activism would bring about a major change. In this essay film Labhart examines what is left of their expectations and dreams. Images of today‘s world are accompanied by texts by left-wing thinkers such as Franz Kafka and Bertolt Brecht. Global warming, war, overconsumption, refugee crises and inequality… in spite of all the warnings, the world finds itself deeper and deeper in the capitalist jungle. But Labhardt’s personal relationship with activism is also discussed. He shows how he slowly changed, simultaneously with the great changes in the world. The Matthew Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach, performed by the Ghent Collegium Vocale, is the perfect soundtrack for this intimate film about loss of connection and idealism.