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Masterclass Alex Potter

Masterclass English Baroque Music for Young Soloists with Alex Potter
27-30 July 2024 – Monasterio Sant’Anna in Camprena (Pienza) Italy

This masterclass is part of the Crete Senesi summer festival and offers young singers of all voice types the opportunity to work intensively with internationally renowned countertenor Alex Potter. The course is centred on the performance and interpretation of English baroque repertoire and will be accompanied by well-known harpsichordist Patrick Ayrton.


Auditions 24-25!

Collegium Vocale Gent is organising auditions for excellent choral singers and young soloists born after 1990, with an interest in all voice types, with a high grade of musicality, flexibility and experience in ensemble singing. Our main focus is the romantic repertoire, but singers interested in our polyphony, baroque and contemporary projects are also welcome.

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Next Generation

We are very grateful to welcome  MWH4Impact as a new partner for the future. This partnership has two objectives: first of all it will fund Collegium Vocale Gent projects or spinn-offs of projects. Secondly and perhaps even more important it will help us to enhance the interest of younger people into the wonderful world of classical music. (more…)

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