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Collegium Vocale Gent


26/11/2013 — 19:00

*Michael PRAETORIUS* (1571-1621):

*Heinrich SCHÜTZ* (1585-1671):
Psalmen Davids (selection)

Hana Blažíková, Dorothee Mields _soprano_
Damien Guillon, Marnix De Cat _countertenor_
Thomas Hobbs, David Munderloh _tenor_
Peter Kooij, Stephan McLeod _bass_

*Collegium Vocale Gent*
Concerto Palatino
Philippe Herreweghe


Psalmen Davids

Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672) published his masterful volume _Psalmen Davids_ in 1619, two years after the centenary of the Reformation. Elector Johann Georg of Saxony (to whom the work was dedicated) could be very content indeed with his brand-new Kapellmeister’s hypermodern motets. Not only was the grand Venetian polychoral style being heard in Germany for the first time ever, Schütz’s careful handling of the power and poetry of Luther’s language made the _Psalmen Davids_ an undisputed milestone in seventeenth-century music history!