s Moro, mia vita – Collegium Vocale Gent

Collegium Vocale Gent


09/12/2023 — 19:30
Kamelietenkerk | Gent | BE
Carlo Gesualdo [1566–1613]

Madrigali libro quarto, Ferrara 1596

Collegium Vocale Gent
Philippe Herreweghe

Moro, mia vita

Private Concert

That the eccentric composer Carlo Gesualdo, Prince of Venosa, found his wife and her lover in flagrante delicto in 1590 and cold-bloodedly put them to death is a well-known fact. But is there any connection between this horrific event and the spectacular sound and emotionality of his madrigals? Gesualdo’s Fourth Book of Madrigals originated in Ferrara shortly after the fact and testifies to an unprecedented, boundless sense of experimentation to capture the expressive depth of poetry in music! Philippe Herreweghe and the soloists of Colegium Vocale Gent let you enjoy despair, longing and sweet love pain in the programme “Moro, mia vita”.


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