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23/04/2016 — 18:30
Abdij van 't Park | Leuven | BE

*Orlandus LASSUS* (1532-1594):
Lagrime di San Pietro

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*Collegium Vocale Gent*
Philippe Herreweghe


Lagrime di San Pietro

In 1594, the 62-year-old Orlando di Lasso dedicated his swan song, the monumental _Lagrime di San Pietro_ (Tears of St. Peter), to Pope Clement VIII. The 21 seven-voice madrigali spirituali are the pinnacle of refined madrigal writing. Lassus managed to interweave all the parts into a musical whole, whose underlying numerical symbolism and key relationships create an astonishing total effect. The Kapellmeister to the duke of Bavaria, one of the 16th century’s most celebrated composers, ended a long and highly creative career with one of the undisputed masterpieces of the entire Renaissance.