s Credo in unum Deum – Collegium Vocale Gent

Collegium Vocale Gent


11/11/2023 — 20:00
Muziekcentrum De Bijloke | Gent | BE
Anton Bruckner [1824–1896]

Mass No.3 in F-minor [WAB28]

Christina Landshamer soprano
Sophie Harmsen alto
Benjamin Hullett tenor
Manuel Winckhler bass
Collegium Vocale Gent choir
Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
Philippe Herreweghe conductor


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Credo in unum Deum

‘A cathedral of sound’: this is the description reviewers gave to the works of composer and organist Anton Bruckner. It could immediately also be a subtitle for his third and last Mass. Bruckner wrote that music out of profound devotion, and thanks to its symphonic richness of colour, the work remains a source of contemplation and consolation even today. Who else but Bruckner’s specialist Philippe Herreweghe is the perfect person to enrapture you and Collegium Vocale Gent with a monument of choral literature during this consolation concert?