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Masterclass Bach Young Soloists

Van 25 tot en met 29 september 2022 organiseert Collegium Vocale Gent een Bach masterlass voor jonge vocale solisten!
Dirigent Philippe Herreweghe en bas Peter Kooij coachen 5 dagen lang jong talent doorheen de wereld van Bachs cantates.

Interesse? Lees dan verder voor meer info, deadlines en inschrijving!

Bach Masterclass Young Soloist

This masterclass offers young singers/soloists the opportunity to work intensively with conductor and Bach specialist Philippe Herreweghe aswell as the international renowed solo singer and vocal coach Peter Kooij on the performance and interpretation of solo aria’s and recits from various vocal works by Johann Sebastian BACH.

  • Selected singers are accompanied by basso continuo (cello/cembalo). Obligato instruments will join for the general rehearsal and a filmed presentation concert.
  • Singers are selected by sending an audition video*
  • The working language during the masterclass is English.



The 5 day masterclass runs from 25th-29 September 2022.

A public presentation concert is organised on the last day at 16h00.

Venue: Gent, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen



There is no application fee.
Selected singers pay an admission fee of €300
Included in this fee are:

  • 8 individual singing sessions
  • 1 group session with obligato ensemble
  • A presentation concert
  • A link to the filmed presentation concert (to be used freely afterwards)
  • 1 light lunch/sandwich per day + diner after the presentation concert on 29/09


The masterclass is also open to other music students, conductors or interested listeners. An admission fee of €200 covers all session + presentation concert. Alternatively you can pay a fee of €50/day.

All payments should be done before 15 September via the Collegium Vocale Gent account:

Drongenhof 42
B-9000  GENT
IBAN : BE69 2900 2103 5378

  • Please mention yourNAME’ + ‘MASTERCLASS BACH CVG 2022’


The masterclass is open for a maximum of 8 singers:

  • studying/holding a Master’s degree (baroque singing or other)
  • born after January 1st, 1990

Fill in the online application form.
The deadline for application is 15th August 2022.
Applicants will be informed whether or not they have been selected by 1st September 2022.
Feedback on the audition videos will not be provided.



Audition videos (1/applicant) take 12 minutes maximum and should contain:

  • Personal introduction stating your first and last name
  • 1 aria & 1 recitativo from the below list**

The required recording pitch should be A=415 Hz.
Please record the chosen pieces in one shot. (An edit of two shorter videos is allowed but only one link is allowed).
Upload your video on Youtube (choose for the option ‘hidden’) and copy/past the Youtube-link into the provided field of the application form.
Please put your name and voice type in the title of the video.



Please contact  Dominique Verkinderen, our casting & audition responsible via:  or Mobile +32 475 97 67 97


**Repertoire list audition video:

Please record 1 aria and 1 recitativo according to your voice type


Liebster Jesu, mein Verlangen BWV 32
Seufzer, Tränen, Kummer, Not BWV 21
Die Seele ruht in Jesus Händen BWV 127
Wie zittern und wanken BWV 105
Ich wünschte mir den Tod BWV 57
Qui tollis BWV 234

Im Schweisse meines BWV 84
Gott ist mir ja nichts schuldig BWV 84


Vergnügte Ruh BWV170
Es ist vollbracht BWV 245
Ach Bleibe doch mein liebstes Leben BWV 11
Wie starb die Heldin so vergnügt BWV 198
Erfreute Zeit im neuen Bunde BWV 83
Betörte Welt BWV 94

Die Schlange BWV 40
Der Glocken bebendes Getön BWV 198


Wie zweifelhaft BWV 109
Ich will leiden, I will schweigen BWV 87
Ich armer Mensch, ich Sündenknecht BWV 55
Das Blut BWV 78
Erschüttre dich nur nicht BWV 99
Ich will an den Himmel lenken BWV166

O Liebe BWV 170
So klage du zerstörte BWV 46


Fürwahr, wenn mir das kömmet ein BWV 113
Wer bist du BWV 132
Gute Nacht BWV 27
Streite, siege starke Welt BWV 62
Betrachte meine Seel BWV 245
Ich will den Kreuztab gerne tragen BWV 56

Recitativo :
Mein Jesu, ziehe mich BWV 22
O Christenheit, wohlan BWV 91
Die Welt bekümmert sich BWV9